The team at Rosa Projects ​believes in a future where ​arts patronage is an inherent ​part of the art ecosystem. ​We partner with entities to ​deliver groundbreaking ​commissions, collaborations, ​placements, and exhibitions, ​anchored in our conviction ​that art history relies on ​creating pivotal deals for ​artists of color to create ​monumental work.

Amaryllis R.Flowers 
Lullaby (2023)
10 x 9 x 16
Ceramic and holographic film

Amaryllis R.Flowers

Lullaby (2023)

10 x 9 x 16

Ceramic and holographic film

Courtesy of the artist.

Artist Commissions

Where institutional, corporate, and artistic impact meet

Commissions are monumental contributions to the art ​ecosystem and to the story of the commissioning parties. ​We collaborate with diverse entities to commission artists ​for works of critical acclaim, of unprecedented impact an​d scale.

Brand Collaborations

Commercial col​laborations with artists.

Collaborating with artists is critical to today’s visual m​arket. Rosa Projects manages and produces projects​ with fine artists from across our network.

Advising and Auctions

We develop legacy collections w​ith a lasting impact.

We work with collectors to acquire and install artwork in ​spaces where they will be highly visible and contribute to ​art historical narratives. We work in the primary and ​secondar​y markets to deliver high-impact acquisitions.

Ar​t Production

Fo​r museums, galleries, film, and television.

We work with diverse entities to produce visually-st​riking projects, public installations, set designs, and exhi​bition floors that highlight the innovation of contem​porary arti​sts.

Rosa Projects ​Women Artist ​Apprenticeship

Rosa Projects is dedicated to nurturing artistic talent ​across all stages of an artist's career. Our new initiative, the ​Rosa Projects Women Artist Apprenticeship, has been ​developed to address the gender disparity seen in gallery ​representation, public exhibition, and museum ​acquisitions. Currently, less than fifteen percent of artists ​whose work is acquired by museums are women artists, ​and women of color represent only a fraction of those ​acquisitions. Participating artists in the Rosa Projects ​Women Artist Apprenticeship engage in immersive, in-​studio apprenticeships alongside established artists, ​gaining valuable insights and mentorship. Additionally, they ​receive industry counseling, ensuring a well-rounded ​support system for their artistic development.

This program will launch in 2024. Please check back in ​February 2024. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more.

Bianca Fields.

Not the Party Favors, 2022.

Acrylic, oil, and spray paint on yupo paper mounted on ​panel, 40 x 30 inches (101.6 x 76.2 cm)

Courtesy of the artist.

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Meet this month’s ​featured artist:

Amaryllis R. Flowers

Amaryllis R. Flowers is a Queer Puerto Rican ​American Artist living and working in upstate ​New York. Amaryllis earned an MFA from the ​Yale School of Art in 2019. She is the recipient ​of the 2023 Pocantico Prize from the ​Rockefeller Brothers Fund, a 2022-2027 Joan ​Mitchell Fellow, and a 2021 Creative Capital ​Awardee.

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Learn about pivotal

women artists of color.

We at Rosa Projects believe that building ​legacy is about support the vanguard of ​artistic innovation. We do that by focusing ​our work around women artists of color.

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The team at Rosa Projects believes in a future ​where arts patronage is an inherent part of the ​art ecosystem. We partner with entities to ​deliver groundbreaking commissions, ​collaborations, placements, and exhibitions, ​anchored in our conviction that art history ​relies on creating pivotal deals for artists of ​color to create monumental work.

The Rosa Projects team is based in New York, ​California, and the Dominican Republic.

Rosa Projects LLC was founded in California.


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