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We at Rosa Projects have a very high taste for innovation in ​the contemporary art market. Each month, we will feature ​artists who are at the vanguard of emerging artists. Our ​commitment to fostering groundbreaking talent in the ​realm of contemporary art is unwavering. Each month, we ​meticulously select and showcase artists who embody the ​spirit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of artistic ​expression. This deliberate curation underscores our ​dedication to being a beacon for the avant-garde, ​consistently placing us at the helm of the art scene's ​transformative journey.

In this ever-evolving landscape, our leadership is ​characterized by a keen discernment for the extraordinary. ​We pride ourselves on identifying and championing artists ​who redefine the artistic narrative, embodying the pulse of ​contemporary creativity. Our commitment to cultivating a ​space for these visionaries positions us as a driving force in ​shaping the future of the art world.

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Amaryllis R. Flowers, Against All Origins, 2023, 44.5 in x 93.5 in

Watercolor, gouache, color pencil, embossment, airbrush, and collage on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Meet Amaryllis R. Flowers

“No matter how much I peel, the pattern remains.”

-Amaryllis R. Flowers

Iridescent flesh. Kaleidoscopic worlds. A utopian world of ​creatures birthed through nebulas and the cracks of canyons. ​Amaryllis Flowers, a queer Puerto Rican artist, recently moved ​to a studio in upstate NY. There, she is creating new utopic ​worlds where queer femmes are unbound by the threats of ​our earthly existence. Fantasy has been a way of decolonizing ​her interior world. In her statement, the artist writes, “When ​enduring existential threat, fantasy makes survival possible.” ​Amaryllis’ iridescent works on paper feature Caribbean ​women in fleshed freedom. Women with gold bamboo hoops ​and go-go balls, swimming through supernovae. During a ​recent visit, Amaryllis let me in on how she creates her ​sculptures, which are clay works marked by intricate patterns. ​The patterns on the skin are not a surface treatment. Rather, ​they are the layers of the clay. Amaryllis creates stacks of ​patterned clay cubes and then carves out the bodies. “No ​matter how much I peel, the pattern remains,” she said.

Amaryllis has had quite the year. She won The Rockefeller ​Brothers Fund’s Pocantico Prize. She was invited to speak at ​the Lincoln Center. And importantly, she created a new and ​magical body of work in her new upstate studio. Her latest ​show ‘Let the Monster Sleep’ was shown at the Union for ​Contemporary Art in Omaha.

Let the Monster Sleep

Let the Monster Sleep” at the Union for ​Contemporary Art in Omaha, NE, features an all ​new series of drawings and sculptures by ​Amaryllis R. Flowers. Drawing inspiration from ​visual systems of communication such as comics, ​cartoons, codices, Egyptian scrolls, sympathetic ​magic, Caribbean Surrealisms, and alchemical ​diagrams for transformation, Amaryllis creates ​non-linear symbol sets that buck colonial notions ​of how to navigate and describe our world. Where ​taste has been constructed by these notions, she ​aims to create work of questionable taste, ​utilizing color and material classed as “femme” ​and casting it to the center of the circle.

Amaryllis R. Flowers is a Queer ​Puerto Rican American Artist ​living and working in upstate ​New York. Raised between ​multiple cities and rural ​communities across America in a ​constantly shifting landscape, ​her practice explores themes of ​hybridity, mythology and ​sexuality. Amaryllis earned an ​MFA from the Yale School of Art ​in 2019 and her BFA from ​California College of Arts and ​Crafts in 2014. She is the ​recipient of the 2023 Pocantico ​Prize from the Rockefeller ​Brothers Fund, a 2022-2027 ​Joan Mitchell Fellow, and a 2021 ​Creative Capital Awardee.

Amaryllis R. Flowers, “Shadow Toucher,” 2021, 22” x 30”, Watercolor, graphite, color pencil, gouache, and airbrush on paper

Amaryllis R. Flowers, “Babygirl!”, 2023, 18 x 18 x 19", Ceramic, iridescent kintsugi, wood, bone, synthetic human hair



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